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  • Ella Boorman

    Ella Boorman

    Occupational Therapy

    It’s a great course that can lead to careers in various healthcare areas.

    I’ve always wanted to have a career that involves helping people. An occupational therapy course seemed like a great choice because it can lead into a vast number of career areas. When I came to the Brookes open day I instantly felt at home. The lecturers were all very friendly and welcoming, so I knew this was the course for me.

    I’ve really enjoyed learning about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as the disorders that can affect us throughout our lives. It’s been interesting to discover how essential occupational therapy is in our lives to ensure health and wellbeing. I also greatly enjoyed the placement element of my course, as it allowed me to see, in practice, what I have learned. I had a highly supportive practice educator who enabled me to increase my confidence and competence.

    The living accommodation is close to campus and has all the facilities you need. There’s a great range of books in the library as well as plenty of study areas to complete your work. There are also lots of opportunities to make friends through clubs and societies. The fresher’s fair is a great chance to find societies and clubs that you can get involved with and make like-minded friends.

    Hopefully once I’ve completed the course I will be able to find a job as an Occupational Therapist, although in what setting I’m not yet sure!

    Rob Kuschel

    Rob Kuschel

    Occupational Therapy

    We were given a realistic idea of what to expect in practice.

    On the course, lectures are often followed up with practical demonstrations and accounts from visiting practising OT’s. Group work, mixed discipline seminars, service user presentations and interaction were all part of our first semester. We were given a realistic idea of what to expect in practice.

    My first placement so far has been a very positive experience. Most of the teaching staff are practising or retired healthcare professionals; this removes the shock of disparity (between university and the real world) that friends of mine at other universities have experienced on placement.

    It’s easy to make friends, everyone is in the same boat in year one. If you are on the same course as someone, generally you share similar interests. The added benefit of a Health and Social Care Faculty is that everyone is really nice as a professional prerequisite!

    During my second year I plan to utilise the careers support offered by Brookes, so that I can begin to work towards building my CV. There is a lot of advice available from varying disciplines within our faculty, however as it is such a broad subject I haven’t identified where I would like to work yet. I expect some more specialist training will be in my near future but not until I have some experience working as a newly qualified OT.

    Ryan Phillips

    Ryan Phillips

    Occupational Therapy

    This is by far the best decision I have made in my life.

    I have found the support and energy shown by the teaching faculty at Brookes to be second to none. I’ve been encouraged to look for answers myself rather than just being told them in lectures and this has been an effective way for me to retain knowledge.

    My course included a placement which was a very rewarding experience; the team I worked with were very supportive and they encouraged me throughout. I found it very helpful to put the theory I learned in the classroom into a practical setting as this gave me confidence in my own ability.

    The facilities at Brookes are amazing. The new JHB library is well laid out and I have found studying there very productive. Using Moodle and having lectures posted online for access at any time has meant that I can study whenever and wherever I wish.

    You can’t go wrong with making friends, providing you put yourself out there. There are so many societies; you would be hard pushed to not find someone who shares your interests and hobbies.

    Oxford has such a beautiful mix of culture, architecture, nightlife, and green areas surrounding it. I firmly believe I am home and will try my hardest to remain in the city after the completion of my studies.

    Caroline Powell

    Caroline Powell

    Occupational Therapy

    Already I am sure that I have made the right choice of career.

    Oxford Brookes is a highly regarded university, so I was delighted to have been offered a place to study here. The placements and campus are within a commutable distance from my home in Reading, which is important as I have a family and carer commitments.

    The teaching team have been supportive and the level of personal attention that I have received has pleasantly surprised me. The library staff are helpful and knowledgeable, I have been able to order books online to collect when convenient, and access e-books at home.

    I am currently on my first placement and already I am sure that I have made the right choice of career. I have a supportive practice educator and I am beginning to see the theory I have learnt being put into practice. A patient told us after a home visit that they felt relieved about their progress because of our visit and that was extremely rewarding to hear.

    I plan to work as soon as possible after the course as an Occupational Therapist, but I can see the potential to study for a master’s at some time in the near future.

    Marlon Shephard

    Marlon Shepard

    Occupational Therapy

    I chose Oxford Brookes because I craved something different.

    To grow and learn as an individual, to build your character, you must come out of your comfort zone. I chose Occupational Therapy because there is a drive in me to make the world a better place. A fundamental goal of Occupational Therapy is to help people to achieve their potential and this course will help me achieve this. I have really enjoyed the practical seminars; we take what we’ve learned in lectures and actually apply it to real world activities.

    The academic buildings are pretty spot on from what I’ve experienced. The main campus is relatively new and has completely accessible areas for any and all students. It’s got a few cafes, a library, study areas, relaxation areas, etc. Oxford Brookes is quite accommodating and willing to adapt to student needs. The social life has been spectacular and it is easy to make friends. There are so many different walks of life here at Oxford Brookes.

    My favourite part about living in oxford is that it is a student city. There are libraries, museums, sports events, heritage sights, etc. The postgraduate housing at Clive Booth is spectacular. It’s accessible and completes the needs of any student.

    I would recommend my course without hesitation. The more “help” orientated people there are in this world, the better society will be. I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my course at Oxford Brookes specifically. There is a community here at Brookes that I’ve not encountered at any other university.