Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


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  • Activity of Daily Living (ADL) suite

    At Marston Road campus, our Activity of Daily Living (ADL) suite is designed to simulate both a standard home setting with a kitchen, bathroom and living areas and also to demonstrate powered assistive facilities. The suite is fully equipped with an extensive collection of assistive products for demonstration and practice.

    Since 2009 we have been running an Occupational Therapy Adult Assessment clinic using the Aids to Daily Living suite in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council. This fortnightly clinic enables students to have first-hand experience as part of their course.

    Oxfordshire County Council provides an experienced Occupational Therapist from the Adult Social Care team together with all the equipment in current use for assessment and provision. Two students can attend each appointment and patients consent for CCTV filming to be used for teaching.

  • Health clinics open to the public

    The faculty have two serviced consultation rooms in the colonnade from which we provide commercial clinical services to the public.

    Currently we have busy physiotherapy clinics on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoon, a nutrition clinic on a Tuesday afternoon and a hand and upper limb clinic on a Wednesday afternoon. We are in negotiation on a podiatry/biomechanics session as well.

    The idea of the clinics is that as well as modest income generation, they also provide observatory clinical experiences for the students. In a limited way we also use the rooms for clinical data collection.