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  • Kirsty Archer

    Kirsty Archer


    I love the idea of facilitating a rehabilitation programme for people, to improve their quality of life.

    The organisation and teaching of the Physiotherapy programme here is amazing. There are a lot of practical sessions in which we practice assessment and treatment skills. I particularly enjoy the simulation sessions as it’s a great opportunity to practice before placement.

    We often have guest speakers, either service users or specialist physiotherapists, which are always so informative; it’s great to hear “real-life” perspectives.

    The facilities are great. The skills labs are well equipped and the helpful skills team are always on hand to get extra equipment if needed. We also have the opportunity to practice with technical equipment, such as ultrasound machines and breathing apparatus.

    When I complete the course I plan to apply for a band 5 rotational post to identify which area of physiotherapy I wish to specialise in. I’m also interested in completing further education, possibly an MSc in my area of interest. I’m currently an intern with the INTALECA programme and I’m getting great experience in the world of clinical research.

    Rachael Hinton

    Rachael Hinton


    Brookes was the place for me; I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

    The atmosphere at Brookes is friendly and welcoming. The small cohort size means that everyone on the course knows each other well and we all work together with the amazing lecturing team, who really go out of their way to help in any way that they can.

    I like that all of our theory is taught before we go on placement, so you go out completely prepared to start actually being a physiotherapist! The placements are based at such incredible hospitals and community settings, and with the link lecturer you still feel in touch with and supported by Brookes.

    As the Physiotherapy Society President, I get the chance to talk to lots of Physiotherapy students as well as people from the SU and other organisations; it’s a very rewarding role.

    After completing the course I plan to stay in Oxford and work in the NHS. Perhaps in the future I’ll return to Oxford Brookes for their MSc or PhD programmes.

    Nishanthan Thisaveerasingam

    Nishanthan Thisaveerasingam

    1st Year Physiotherapy

    I have worked at the John Radcliffe (JR) Hospital Neuroscience Department as Therapy Assistant for two years prior to my course at Oxford Brookes.

    I wanted to progress to become a physiotherapist and the JR Hospital agreed to second me for three years to study.

    Because I have been working full-time for the past five years and studying part-time, going back into full-time education is quite intense. But I am really enjoying it and it’s something I want to do. I love the practical part of the course. The theory is quite tough but very interesting. The experience I’ve had at the hospital - seeing the patients in an acute setting – has really helped me on the practical side of things. I’ve just got to knuckle down on the theory.

    I would like to get some experience in different specialities of physiotherapy and then try and specialise in one area. When I have finished my studies I am to come back to the JR Hospital to work as a full-time physio.

    Laurenemma Whale

    Laurenemma Whale


    I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in and developing as a clinician, as well as a person.

    When I first visited Oxford Brookes I liked the look of the campus and the facilities available. The support and friendliness of the staff appealed to me more than any of the other universities I had looked around.

    I’ve worked out on placement at Neurosciences Intensive Care, Outpatients, Orthopaedics and Stroke Rehab so far. I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in and developing as a clinician, as well as a person. Being able to build relationships with patients and seeing them progress is very rewarding.

    Throughout my time at Oxford Brookes I’ve received a lot of support from my lecturers and academic advisor, as well as the Library services when writing my dissertation. After graduating I hope to get a job working in one of the Oxfordshire hospitals – I’d love to specialise in Orthopaedics!