Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

About Clinical Applied Nutrition (CAN)

  • The Centre for Movement, Occupational and Rehabilitation Sciences (MOReS) is a world leading research centre in the areas of clinical exercise, movement and rehabilitation, and more recently in nutrition interventions for clinical health and wellbeing.

    Good nutrition is important to maintain function and health as we age, and this becomes increasingly important in those with neurological conditions, children and the elderly. The aim of the Clinical Applied Nutrition (CAN) group within MOReS is to develop research into the area of nutrition for symptom management and health maintenance in a variety of vulnerable and disease populations, and to implement this research alongside other key areas including exercise interventions and gait analysis.

    The rise of the clinical nutrition research has built on current collaborations, both nationally and internationally, within the group, and will continue to expand this expertise.

    Oxford Brookes is committed to research that translates neuroscience understanding to problems in MS, working closely with healthcare professionals to create new synergies between experts across specialities. By bringing key nutrition expertise to our Centre, the research under CAN will prove essential to developing novel research themes around nutritional interventions and supporting existing ones; a developing focus of research within the Centre.