Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

About Occupational Science

  • The work of the Occupational Science group is underpinned by two themes:

    • Understanding how people's engagement and participation in their everyday activities support their health and well being
    • Contributing to and developing evidence based interventions to enable engagement in meaningful occupations.

    Our current projects involve working with people across the lifespan who have developmental, physical or mental health conditions. We work closely with Occupational Therapy clinicians both locally and nationally to develop applied research projects.

    Occupational science is the study of the human as an occupational being... over the lifespan" Yerxa (1991 p6.) As an academic discipline, occupational science seeks to explain and evidence the relationships between what people do in their everyday lives and their well being. Occupational science contributes to the scientific and research base for Occupational Therapy practice.