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Driving Assessment in the Ageing Population

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  • Maintaining mobility as people age is a key concern for individuals and their families. For many people the fear of losing their driving license can cause anxiety and stress.

    Currently driving fitness is assessed through on-road driving assessment, which requires prolonged testing, is stressful and expensive. There is no effective means of monitoring driving fitness.

    Using a novel approach, we propose to see if any of the standard clinical movement, thinking and eye tests could be used to help predict on-road driving performance. These tests are already collected and could be used to determine the need for an on-road driving test.

    From people over the age of 65 attending certified Mobility Centres in the UK, we will collate these standard clinical tests alongside actual on-road driving assessments. We will find out if these movements, thinking and eye tests can be used to screen who needs an on-road driving assessment.

    Principal Investigators: Dr Patrick Esser / Prof Helen Dawes

    Funder: Dunhill Medical Trust

    Collaborations: Regional Driving Assessment Centre


    'Stopping driving. How to promote self-regulation and when to bite the bullet' - presented on 24 January 2018 by Prof Rupert McShane, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

    Download the presentation slides here.