Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Regaining Wellbeing Through Creative Occupation

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  • The findings of this phenomenological study revealed that for all participants, engagement in their chosen creative activity evoked enjoyment and was of particular personal significance and meaning. Their subjective experiences highlighted the possible therapeutic potential of creative occupation, in particular, temporary mental relief from self-referential thoughts through deep immersion into the creative process.

    Deep engagement in creative occupation encompassed different types of optimal experience and might have a soothing effect on the Default Mode Network. The deliberate engagement in creative activities supports Wilcock’s theory of the use of occupation for self-restoration and keeping healty. Additionally, the real contact with people and places facilitated a more active lifestyle which impacted also positively on the participants’ sense of well-being.

  • Other Related Projects

  • Occupational therapists and Ajos Dance, a social enterprise that promotes health and well-being through dance, are working together on a pilot evaluation into the efficacy of creative movement for individuals with acute mental health illness. Creative Movement to Music as an intervention, enables a non-medical, holistic approach to address a wide range of occupational participation difficulties experienced by individuals with mental health problems. The course will be run by a professional dance and movement teacher and the participants will be supervised by occupational therapists.