Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

  • Indian Ocean Row

    The Centre for Movement, Occupational and Rehabilitation Sciences (MOReS) are currently working with Indian Ocean Row 2018 – a team of four men who will attempt to row across the Indian Ocean in June 2018. One team member, Robin Buttery was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015 and is helping the team from the Centre to explore factors affecting optimal human performance in health and disease and to investigate how people cope with the prolonged physical and mental stresses of Ocean Rowing.

    The MOReS team have been and will continue to collect data on motor skill changes, alongside physiological and emotional responses. In addition, data will be collected on diet, wellness and symptoms to see how these are affected by the challenge and advise on the food choices taken on the row, in order to ensure proper nutrition is attained.

    Information gathered throughout this research partnership will help inform research exploring how best to approach exercise and activity for people with Parkinson’s; for example, how to manage medication and nutrition in order to optimise their performance, health and well-being.

    Find out more about one of the rowers here.