Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


  • The Children's Society

    Kate Taheri

    The atmosphere at TCS is exceptionally inclusive.

    I am so pleased with my experience that I have decided to work for TCS as a volunteer on a separate project when my placement ends.

    Family & Friends Team, Reading Borough Council

    Mandy Arnold (graduated)

    I felt challenged and at the same time protected and nurtured.

    Most importantly even though they are such a close knit team, I was immediately welcomed and felt like I was part of them. They took my views seriously and commented that they enjoyed having a student as it gave the opportunity to see things from different viewpoints. I would say that being a student in this team is certainly challenging and you have to be prepared to put the work in and learn a vast amount in a short time, but the rewards are significant.

    Launchpad Reading

    Daniel Lee

    The placement overall was above and beyond what I expected, it is an organisation able to cover all aspects of learning as providing great support along the way.

    I could not of been happier to been given the opportunity to have my placement with Launchpad Reading as well as not being happier about the experiences I’ve had and learnt from.

    Shared Lives Scheme, Oxfordshire County Council

    Anastasia Edjourian

    Shared Lives service gives the student the chance to work with service users, families and carers which gives students a better understanding of all areas of social work.

    The staff and support received has been exceptional and very motivating. The team has given constant support and reassurance including understanding and flexible manager.

    Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Service, Banbury

    Sue Porter

    All staff are welcoming and helpful.

    I was made to feel as part of the team right from the start. I was challenged, encouraged and given the chance to develop my skills and knowledge at every given opportunity.

    Children's Disability Team, Oxford County Council

    Anna Kieran

    The variety of experience the placement has to offer is exceptional, and the team values the importance of providing a rich learning experience for students.

    Students are well supported by experienced and supportive social workers who are happy to share their experiences, successes, and flaws. The team recognise my skills and aspirations beyond the boundaries of placement and into the world of work. I am very grateful for all of their support and highly recommend the placement to any student who wishes to work in a child or family setting when they qualify.

    SSAFA, RAF Brize Norton Team

    Sarah Duviau

    SSAFA gives student access to all types of social work experiences as well as offering a unique chance to work with a diverse population such as the military who face different issue compared to civilian lifestyle.

    The SSAFA team are very supportive and help to explain how social work and armed forces policy work together or how to challenge it.

    Bicester Early Intervention Hub

    Martha Mirembe

    This placement enabled me to develop my confidence by working directly with children, young people and families on a weekly basis...

    ...undertaking group work and delivering presentations to the children was the best experience I have taken with me.

    The Porch Steppin' Stone Centre

    Lynn Roberts

    I feel this placement supported my professional and personal growth.

    I would recommend this placement to anyone but in particularly students who have previous experience. It does challenge you on so many levels but by the end of the placement you have a better understanding of self and what you bring into practice with support to do so. This builds your emotional intelligence and self-awareness and skills in using reflection, and you experience first-hand the importance of colleague support and supervision.