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  • Olivia Casey

    Olivia Casey

    Social Work

    I had visited other universities but none could compete with Oxford Brookes’ organisation and energy.

    The course encompasses all the aspects that I want within a career; the opportunity to help others, variety in the job role, and the opportunity to go into different areas within social work to broaden my experiences.

    The lectures are always energetic, interesting and thought-provoking.The teaching staff ensure that there are a range of different assessment styles so that each student can excel. The placements are fantastic and help you put theories, models, and communication skills into real life perspective. In my first year I completed a five day shadowing placement and I am currently on my second year 70 day placement.

    The rooms within the campus are available to be booked by both lecturers and students, which is helpful for revision sessions. The facilities are always clean and tidy. The computer suite is always up to date and the library in the main campus is brilliant, you can access most of the texts online via the university's online portal.

    After graduating my plan is to spend a couple of years working with a social work team. I’m yet to decide which area I want to go into, but once I have decided I plan to specialise in that field.

    Emma Podmore

    Emma Podmore

    Social Work

    As I had been out of education for a number of years I found the Upgrade service particularly useful.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mature student. I have gained knowledge, skills, and have had opportunities which have pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to progress.

    I was able to undertake two different placements, both of which met my learning needs. In my first placement I worked in a voluntary organisation with adults with a variety of needs, including those with addictions, mental health issues, and those who were homeless or offenders. My second placement was within a child protection team. Both of these helped me develop a variety of skills to use in practice.

    The lecturers and practice assessors have always been supportive; I have always felt comfortable in asking for their advice and for a tutorial if needed. As I had been out of education for a number of years I found the Upgrade service particularly useful, providing me with essential tips on how to structure my essays.

    I would like to continue working in child protection for the foreseeable future and will look into specialising in either play therapy or working as a children’s guardian.

    Kelly Reed

    Kelly Reed

    Social Work

    You become a family/community within the course.

    I chose Brookes because I felt that the course was small enough to be able to provide me with support and because the university itself had a homely feel.

    I really enjoy being able to go out on different placements with different client groups. The placements are informative and challenging, as a student you can take on different roles within the setting. They are great learning opportunities.

    As the president of the Social Work Society I ensure that we all have a social life, whether that’s going out for a drink or going bowling and bringing our children along. In general the social life is excellent as there tends to be something on every night.

    I would recommend this course to others as you get to find out who you really are as a person, whilst also being able to empower and enable service users, which is very rewarding! I would also recommend it as you become a family/community within the course, which also includes the amazing lecturing team!

    When I complete the course I am planning to potentially do a master’s in a specialist area of social work.