Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


  • Our current projects include the effects of nitrate on health and physical fatigue. Recently we have shown that acute supplementation with dietary nitrate improves upper body resistance exercise and earlier work has shown the same supplement reduces blood pressure.
    We also work on cardiac autonomic health and how it may be influenced by chronic training modalities or dietary intervention, based on a non-invasive measure of heart rate variability. Our projects based on training interventions include the benefits of exercise in obese or diabetic populations. Within this context, our group participated in a large collaborative study in the Middle East about the impact of fish oil and physical exercise on health and cognitive function in school children aged 9-10 years old in Oman.
    Another area of interest is the effects of Zumba Fitness on physical and psychological wellbeing- possible in healthy sedentary young women. Our research also focuses on exercise and mental health, psychological well-being, depression, exercise dependence, and eating disorders.
    Finally, we have an active interest in research into concussion management and protocols in sport, and colleagues within our team have played an active role in establishing the Sports Collision Injury Collective with colleagues at various institutions across the UK to lobby on and influence concussion management practice by sporting NGBs.