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  • Participate in a research study

    Are you interested in getting involved in a Sport study? We have the following participation opportunities available:

  • Would you like to know your VO2 Max and other physiological measures?

    We are looking for volunteers to be involved in a study looking at whether pain tolerance is effected by high intensity interval training.

    This study looks at whether repeated sprint training can influence performance and change pain tolerance. This part of the study will include either no training, one or two weeks of training. Each visit will last no more than one hour and the maximum number of visits will be 12.

    All testing for both parts will take place at Oxford Brookes University.

    Please see our participant information sheet and ethics form.

    If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Kieran Hanspal, Eliza Kelsey or Ben Howard who will be happy to provide more information.

    This project is supervised by Dr John Jakeman.

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