Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


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  • Performance Enhancement

    Our research contributes to the development and improvement of human performance in competitive sport and exercise through a multi-disciplinary approach. A particular focus of our work is the exploration of the physiological and psychological impact of contrasting training and recovery methods with regards to the preparation and performance of elite sportspeople. Furthermore, we also have a specific focus on the use of nutritional aids and environmental physiology in sports and exercise, and the biomechanics of sporting technique and injury risk.

    Recent projects include:

    • Effects of strength and sprint training protocols to reduce knee and hamstring injury risk in team sports.
    • Cardiac and endocrine responses to psychological stress (influences of personality traits).
    • Acute physiological and biomechanical responses to high intensity interval exercise.
    • Monitoring of stress and recovery states in athletes.
    • Coping strategies, mental toughness and psychological responses to injury in athletes.
    • The efficacy of different cooling methods to optimise the performance of athletes, military personnel and occupations that require personal protective equipment (PPE) whilst exercising/working in the heat.