Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


  • Sam Page is currently working towards a PhD in the emotional impact of high performance coaching, drawing upon theories within the fields of symbolic interactionism and relational sociology, under the supervision of Dr Lee Nelson and Professor Paul Potrac. Sam’s special interests within this strand include the sociology of sport coaching, talent identification and development, and performance/coach behaviour analysis. Sam is currently working on project looking at situated coach learning in academy football cultures using behavioural analysis and online video platforms.
    Simon Phelan’s academic interests concern the professional development of both coaches and teachers. Arising out of a career as an athlete and through practical coaching experience his research questions the mechanisms through which sports coaches acquired their professional knowledge and expertise. He completed his PhD at The University of Birmingham and broadened his interests to wider learning theory, with particular attention to the continued professional development of teachers, and cultural understandings of learning.
    Stuart Whigham has recently completed doctoral studies exploring political discourse relating to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Scottish independence referendum under the supervision of Professor Alan Bairner at Loughborough University. He is currently working on a number of publications related to this these topics, including a Santander Research Scholarship which compares the Scottish and Catalan contexts with regards to sport, politics and secessionist nationalism. He is also engaged in a research project on the relationship between football club support and political voting, whilst continuing his research on the politics of the Commonwealth Games movement in relation to the 2018 Gold Coast Games and the 2022 Birmingham Games.
    Adam White recently completed his doctoral thesis investigating the role of contact sport within school physical education under the supervision of Professor Eric Anderson, Dr Stewart Cotterill and Dr Tim Gamble at the University of Winchester. As an experienced researcher, Adam is also actively investigating the experiences of gay men in sport and contemporary constructions of masculinities within education contexts. As a founding member of the Sport Collision Injury Collective, alongside Professor Allyson Pollock and Professor Eric Anderson, much of Adam's current work is focused on removing the negative aspects associated with youth contact sport. He currently coordinates a number of multiple interdisciplinary research projects exploring the current socio-cultural and political influences for participating in contact sports, such as rugby union.