Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

  • Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity Research Group 

    Research that focuses on sport, exercise and physical activity, and seeks to understand how we can better promote activity, participation and human development across the lifespan.

    Our interdisciplinary and international research agenda seeks to understand, intervene and improve the lives of those involved in sport and physical activity from grassroots to performance. Our work is multi-faceted and focuses on relationships of individuals and communities with sport, physical education, physical activity and health. Through our approach to research, we seek to offer real world solutions that can:

    • contribute to the development and improvement of human performance in competitive sport
    • influence health promotion and rehabilitation through sport, exercise and physical activity
    • further enhance our understanding of participation, identity and social justice in sport, exercise and physical activity
    • promote non-linear approaches to pedagogy in sport, exercise and physical activity, and their impact on human movement
    • affect clinical practice and rehab infrastructure