Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

BSc and MSc Physiotherapy

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    Please find your induction timetable below, as well as important pre-course information and optional workshops and events that you can take part in to help you get ready for semester one.

    Please bring with you some photographic ID (passport, driving licence or national ID card.

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  • Induction Timetable

    BSc Physiotherapy and MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) 

    Occupational Health and uniform fitting appointments - the uniform sessions are very short and it is perfectly acceptable for you to pop out of any other activity to attend them, so please do not be concerned if you need to do so.  

    The Occupational Health sessions will take place in the John Radcliffe Hospital






    Some students will have occupational health appointments so please check you appointment card. 

    Time to explore your surroundings – check New Student Website for details


    10.00 - 12.00

    Registration with the faculty and welcome from the physiotherapy programme team and students. 

    MR1/09, Marston Road Site


    Subject Coordinator meeting

    Please all return to MR1/09 by 11.00 to meet your academic advisor

    BSc: MR1/09

    MSc: MR1/19


    Meet with your academic advisors 

    MR1/09, MR1/06 and MR1/19, Marston Road Site

    Meet your student guiders 

    MR1/09, Marston Road Site
    12.00 - 13.00

    Learning Support Fund talk

    For all students eligible for a student loan

    MRG/41 (Lecture Theatre) OR MR1/25, Marston Road Site - The same talk will take place in both rooms.
    12.00 - 13.00

    Life as an International Student

    For all International Students not eligible for a student loan

    MR1/15, Marston Road Site

    13.00 - 14.00

    Lunch (Provided)

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site

    14.00 - 14.10

    Welcome from Departmental Head

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site
    14.10 - 15.10

    Introduction to Student Support Co-ordinators and other services

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site
    15.10 - 15.30

    Over view of Library Services

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site



    Ground Floor, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus


    10.00 - 11.00

    SMART card registration  
    MR1/25, Marston Road Site

    11.00 - 11.30

    Introduction to inter-professional modules, (BSc only)

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site

    11.30 - 12.00

    Introduction to Moodle with faculty Learning Resource staff 
    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site

    12.00 - 12.30

    Clinical Skills and Communication Suite introduction 

    MRG/41, Lecture Theatre, Marston Road Site  

    12.30 - 13.30

    Bring and share lunch

    Introduction to The Physio Society and Buddies

    MR1/26, Marston Road Site  

    13.30 - 17.00

    Physiotherapy specific activities 

    MRG/09 and MRG/19, Marston Road Site  


    All day

    Uniform fittings, by individual appointment 
    MRG15/15a, Marston Road Site

    All day

    Fresher's Fair  
    Headington Campus

    Finding your way around the Marston Road site:

    MRG = Marston Road Ground Floor

    MR1 = Marston Road 1st Floor