Processes, forms and templates for staff

For Staff, there are two types of applications – E2U Form, reviewed by a full Sub-Committee and the Light Touch Form, reviewed by two Committee members, outside of the normal meeting dates. The E2U form will move to Converis shortly and will be completed online. Instructions will shortly be available on the Research Ethics Website. The Light Touch Form will continue as a Word document.

The application should be discussed in advance with your Faculty Research Ethics Officer (FREO). Once completed and signed off by your FREO, the application should be submitted to the Ethics Office at It must be submitted as 1 PDF document which includes all additional documentation, such as the Participant Information Sheet, Consent Form and Privacy Notice.

Once received by the Ethics Office it will be added to the agenda of the relevant Research Ethics Sub-Committee at the next available opportunity. A maximum of 12 applications will be considered at each meeting. Applications will be allocated for review on a strictly first come, first served basis. Once the limit has been reached, any further applications will be carried forward to the next meeting.