Leading a Successful Research Group

Find out about the Managers of Researchers training bundle, building a Research Group and the Researcher Development Concordat, plus top tips from academics on how to manage and lead a successful team

This session will run as a Q&A with an expert panel, comprising academics who will share their experiences and impart their advice on how to manage a successful research team. We'll be asking the panel about key issues such as group motivation and a collective sense of purpose; goal setting and PDR; effective communication and consultation; conflict, disagreement and resolution; and making the most of the diverse strengths of individual team members.

Training materials will cover: A training bundle for Managers of Researchers; Building a Research Group and the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, plus top tips from leaders of researchers.


  • Access to series of short training videos and online resource, 1 month in advance
  • 1 hour online live Q&A with expert panel.

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