Small Jurisdictions Service

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  • About us

    Legal practice in a small jurisdiction poses its own special challenges. Although the range of legal issues which need to be covered are frequently as broad as for larger jurisdictions, the limited volume of legal materials from within the jurisdiction require a particular approach to successful legal practice. The Small Jurisdictions Service aims to support legal practitioners in the Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories, and Small Commonwealth States whether in private practice or public service.

    We are a team of recognised academics who specialise in the study of common-law small jurisdictions. We provide high levels of expertise and experience in the academic study of small jurisdictions, and provision of academic legal consultancy to legal actors within this type of jurisdiction.

    Our mission

    We deliver our services with the following core values:

    • Professionalism – we recognise the demands of legal practice and deliver our services on time, without compromising on quality.
    • Responsibility – our business is founded on respect for the autonomy and heritage of each small jurisdiction; a key aim of our work is to assist legal professionals in their delivery of high quality legal practice in their jurisdiction.
    • Academic standards – our team includes the highest level of academic expertise available in the overarching law of the British Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and small Commonwealth states.
    • Complementarity – our work supports small jurisdiction lawyers in their delivery of legal services by providing cost-effective solutions to unusual documentary and academic challenges. It is not a substitute for small jurisdiction practice, nor do we offer our services to the general public.