Small Jurisdictions Service

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    Robert Colquitt, Manx Advocate, Cains

    Small jurisdiction practice does not require less legal knowledge than in a larger jurisdiction. Indeed, the relative lack of definitive authorities for a small jurisdiction, particularly if combined with a legislature which does not produce a high volume of consolidating legislation, may require the legal professional to address more novel points of law during their career.

    Faced, for example, with an unlitigated section of the Manx Criminal Code 1872? We can contextualise your novel point of national law through a robust legislative history, drawing where necessary on the National Archives in the UK, and a detailed analysis of how other legal systems across the common-law world have interpreted analogous sections.

    SJS is thus able to provide a cost-effective solution to the research needs posed by such novel points of law. Working from the basis of your identification of the point of law to be resolved, and the limits of national legal materials, we will add to the range of arguments available for you to use on behalf of your client through comparative and historical legal research.

    We also have particular expertise in advising public sector organisations about possible law reforms, and evaluating existing laws and practices.

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