10 October 2022

Research finds that deforestation and climate change are driving tree-dwelling primates to descend t

A large-scale research study of 47 species of lemurs from Madagascar and monkeys from the Americas has found that tree-dwelling species are being driven to the ground due to the impacts of deforestation and climate change.

Primates on the ground

09 June 2022

Research suggests illegal trade in reptile skins could be rife

Analysis of nearly a decade’s worth of research has found widespread discrepancies between the number of snake skins legally traded and properly reported and the actual number of snakes being killed, suggesting widespread illegal trading.


19 May 2022

Folk magic and traditional healing remedies threaten India’s slender loris population

Content warning: contains references to animal injuries which some readers may find distressing.


11 March 2022

Bamboo lemurs can plan and navigate routes through dense forest environments in the search for food

Researchers at Oxford Brookes University have discovered that lemurs are able to memorise complex environments and strategically plan routes to find food through everchanging and dense forests.