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    Oxford is a great place to study International Relations and Politics, and we provide several opportunities for organised trips in the Oxford region, London, and abroad.

    Undergraduate trips

    International Relations students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of field trips. If you take the module Global Environmental Politics, you could spend one session visiting a local farm to discuss the politics of the globalisation and localisation of food.

    Politics Field Trips


    Students on the campus-based International Relations and International Security postgraduate degrees have the opportunity to go on a four-day study trip to Brussels and The Hague.

    The trip takes place just before the start of Semester 2 (in late January) and starts with visits to key institutions of the European Union. The trip takes in The Hague and visits to a range of international organisations, such as the International Criminal Court and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. This study trip provides our students with first-hand experience of how these important international institutions work.

    MA Intl Relations Field Trip - Homepage

    The International Relations field trip to Brussels and The Hague was a great opportunity to get to know my class mates and see how international relations is put into action in the European Union.

    Clarissa Fennell, MA International Relations student


    The cost of any optional field trips you choose to take part in is not included in your course tuition fee, and a separate fee will apply to cover travel and any other associated costs. Your tuition fee covers the cost of travel and accommodation for mandatory field trips only, including the postgraduate trip to Brussels and The Hague.