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    British citizens in the future EU

    The consequences of Brexit are extremely broad and open-ended. Politicians have to negotiate a host of agreements in less than two years. The future of British residents in other member-states of the EU is worryingly unclear. Some have formed campaigning groups. With a total membership in the tens of thousands, they have started to act as a loose coalition and to have a direct effect on the course of the Brexit negotiations.

    Dr Fiona Ferbrache, geographer, University of Oxford, and Professor Jeremy MacClancy, social anthropologist, Oxford Brookes University, are running a research project into what Brexit means for British residents in Spain and France. We work together with the campaigning groups, tracking their strategies and achievements. We study the concerns, aims, and acts of Britons residing in Spain and France, especially the unregistered.

    This website is a forum for all who wish to be involved in our project. We blog about our activities and the events we participate in. We invite all campaigning groups and any concerned British residents to post comments and any news they want to flag up. We want this site to be a critical concourse of ideas and informed opinions about the unfolding Brexit process and the role in it of Brits abroad in the Continental EU.

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