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  • 欧日研究会

    Europe Japan Research Centre

  • Research projects

  • This project that started in September 2001 brought to Brookes a team of Japanese researchers headed by Professor Hirochika Nakamaki, of the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), Osaka, to make a comparison ofmanagement culture in England and Japan, with special reference to religion and museums. Visits were made to Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, and Sheffield. Further visits were made in 2002, and the final conference in September 2003.

    Publications from the conference include Nakamaki, H., ed., A Comparison of Management Culture in Japan and the UK. Research report, Japanese National Museum of Ethnology. March 2004.

    The conference aimed to be a critical, interdisciplinary evaluation of negative western perceptions of copying in Japan and of Japanese theories that emphasise the positive, cultural value of imitation.The volume which is based on the conference was published by Routledge (2007) as:

    Cox, R. ed. The Culture of Copying in Japan: Critical and Historical Perspectives, Routledge.


    • Stephanie Oeben Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games in Europe and Japan: A Comparative Anthropological Study
    • Paola Esposito Butoh and the West: A Performative Ethnographic Analysis of the Spread of Butoh-dance outside of Japan
    • Anna Fraser Medical properties of hot springs in Japan
    • Sebastien Boret New Buddhist “natural” funerals in Japan
    • Douglas Frewer Japanese Stamps.
    • Duccio Gasparri Locals, New-locals, Non-locals: (re)mapping people and food in post-disaster Ishinomaki, Japan
    • Ruth Martin The role of Japanese housewives in the UK.
    • Ayumi Sasagawa The way highly educated mothers in Japan give up their work on childbirth.
    • Phil Sawkins (Not) only connect – investigating the place of the mobile phone in Japanese lives
    • Katsunobu Shimizu on problems of school refusal in Japan
    • Bruce White Generational change in social and cultural identity among Japanese in Kyushu
    The Organisation for Intra-Cultural Development (OICD), a non-profit organisation for applied anthropological research, draws on EJRC research and is directed by Dr Bruce White. Bruce also heads Emic Intercultural Works Ltd, an intercultural consultancy and service provider, which advised the popular HSBC ‘local knowledge’ campaign.