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    Oli Ahmad (Bar Bikram)

    Oli Ahmad (Bir Bikram) is Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Global Politics Economy and Society (GPES) in this university. Dr Ahmad has a long connection with Brookes, having completed his PhD here under the supervision of Professor Barrie Axford. One of the leading figures in the revolution that created the new state of Bangladesh in 1971, Dr Ahmad has been a key figure in the politics and government of that country, holding high ministerial office and enjoying an international reputation. His involvement with the Centre syncs with the interests of its academic membership, notably in areas such as international terrorism and international development.

    Dr John Crabtree

    John Crabtree is Honorary Visiting Fellow with GPES at Oxford Brookes. Having completed his PhD at Brookes, he returned to Oxford in 1983 and is now research associate at the Latin American Centre, University of Oxford, and senior member of Saint Antony's College. John specialises in the politics of the Andean countries, on which he has written widely.

    Professor Janine Dermody

    Janine Dermoody is Professor in Marketing and Consumer Psychology in the Department of Marketing at Oxford Brookes Business School.

    Dr Matthew Donoghue

    Matthew’s research interests centre on the politics of social citizenship, particularly regarding cohesion and welfare in developed welfare states. He is an expert in qualitative methods, particularly focus groups, interviews and critical discourse analysis. Whilst completing his PhD at GPES, he worked as a Research Fellow on the FP7 funded project RESCuE. He is currently Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford.

    Dr Alexander Finnen

    Dr Finnen was formerly Deputy Head of Mission for the OSCE in Albania and had extensive experience working for that organization and the UK Foreign Office in the Balkans and other parts of the globe. He is a Senior Associate Fellow of the Institute for Statecraft. He is an expert on post-conflict capacity building, including elections and on forensic capability assessments as these affect international security.

    Andy Kilmister

    Andy Kilmister is Senior Lecturer in Economics at Oxford Brookes Business School. He has been editor of the interdisciplinary  Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe since 2007.

    Dr Lyudmila Nurse

    Dr Lyudmila Nurse, a co-founder of Oxford XXI, is a professional sociologist with more than 20 years of experience in sociological research in social institutions, generational and cohort studies, social monitoring, social analysis and evaluation in Russia and Eastern European countries. She has extensive experience in methodology of international, national and regional comparative and longitudinal studies, social and economic monitoring.

    Lyudmila has extensive consultancy experience with social mitigation, social monitoring and evaluation, human resources and social policy projects in EU new member states and accession countries (Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Estonia) and countries of CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine). Between 1982 and 1992 Lyudmila Nurse was involved in National (All-union) longitudinal study of the secondary schools leavers “Paths of Generation” (included countries: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine as a principal researcher in two regions (Kurgan and Tula) and in 1987-1990 as the Secretary-coordinator of the research project.

    Professor Pritam Singh

    Pritam is Professor of Economics at the Oxford Brookes Business School, where he leads the research cluster on Environmental and Development Economics.  Pritam's work is currently focussed on two main areas: one, the sustainability implications of the spatial shift taking place in global capitalism, and two, Indian capitalism with emphasis on decentralisation and human rights and with special reference to Punjab. His two recent books Federalism, Nationalism and Development: India and the Punjab economy (London/New York: Routledge, 2008; Special Indian Reprint 2009), and Economy, Culture and Human Rights: Turbulence in Punjab, India and Beyond (Delhi: Three Essays Collective, 2010) have received critical acclaim as path breaking works of scholarship.