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    Each semester we pick a new book to read which relates to different aspects of global politics, economy and society. The book is chosen democratically by the group and we then meet every two weeks to discuss a section. Initially, the reading group was intended to have an International Relations focus, but this quickly spread to include all aspects of the GPES research remit.

    Current and recent books


    Semester 1: 2018–19

    Caliban and the Witch

    From September 2018 we’ll be reading and discussing Silvia Federici’s classic work, Caliban and the Witch. Details of the first meeting will be advertised soon.


    Summer 2018

    My Revolutions

    Over the summer we’ll be engaging with a novel, Hari Kunzru’s My Revolutions. We’ll be reading the whole book and then meeting to discuss it in September 2018 when we return from the vacation.


    Semester 2: 2017–18

    Women, Race and Class

    In the second semester we became huge fans of Angela Y. Davis’ Women, Race and Class. This was voted for overwhelmingly by the reading group and provoked important (and sometimes heated) discussions on intersectionality and how the balance could be struck between Feminism, Marxism and De/Post-colonialism.


    Semester 1: 2017–18


    In semester 1 the group chose to read Peo Hansen and Stefan Jonsson’s Eurafrica. This brought together the group’s interests in development, postcolonialism and the (dis)integration of the EU in the context of Brexit. It tells a fascinating and generally unknown origin story that demands much more attention.

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