Department of Social Sciences

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  • Culture, Identities and Divisions

    This is an interdisciplinary group which focuses on the empirical and theoretical investigations into multiple facets of cultures, identities and divisions. The interests of the group span personal, collective, national/global identity formations and interrogates the dynamics of power, spatiality, temporality, inclusion, exclusion, agency and ethics. The discursive and material constitution of ‘the social’ inform our conceptual debates alongside a focus on feminist, post-colonial and post-structural theory. With this in mind, the group aims to initiate, support and review individual and collaborative research that investigates aspects of the above themes.

    The group encourages research across disciplines and research methods and hosts the following activities: 

    • presenting and reviewing work-in-progress by group members or guests
    • commenting on grant applications
    • sharing research expertise and practical support
    • hosting reading groups
    • generating external grant applications
    • generating internal funding bids to hold events and/or workshops
    • fostering co-operation with external partners

    Core members

    • Tamsin Barber (convenor)
    • Tina Managhan
    • Richard Huggins
    • Rico Isaacs
    • Irmak Karademir Hazir
    • Tina Miller
    • Abbey Halcli
    • Lucy Ford
    • Barrie Axford
    • Gary Browning
    • Maja Cederberg
    • Doerthe Rosenow
    • Jon Wheatley
    • Lyudmila Nurse
    • Dan Bulley
    • Chris Hesketh
    • Alexandra Macht
    • Ingrid A Medby
    • Jeremy MacClancy
    • Andrea Bardin
    • Tom Chambers
    • Stuart Wigham

    Schedule of events

    Semester 1 

    • Week 9 (22 Nov) 'Getting to know each others' research'  - an opportunity to find out more about what fellow group members are working on. We will each talk for about 5 minutes on our research and the issues/concepts we are currently grappling with. 
    • Week 12: (13 Dec) Paper presentation:  
    • Tamsin Barber: 'Moving beyond or extending the victim label? Debates on 'illegality' and undocumented Vietnamese migrants in the UK' 

    Semester 2 

    Late January: Joint paper panel: Identities in Scotland 

    • Alexandra Macht 'We versus I? Collective and individual identity-formations in Scottish and Romanian involved fathers’ narratives.'
    • Stuart Whigham: ' "Sport, identity and politics in post-'indyref' Scotland: a contested terrain"

    Early Feb: Paper presentation:

    • Irmak Karademir Hazir: Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change: A Comparative Study of Six European Countries, 1960-2010


    • Impact discussion group (led by Tina Miller)
    • Newton Mobility Grant exchange presentation: Dr Nguyen Van Phuc, Trung Vuong University, Hanoi.


    • Chris Hesketh ‘Is Gramsci dead in Latin America?’.


    • Paper presentation: Dan Bulley : Grenfell/International: Everyday life (and death) in the global city.

    Other papers

    • Ingrid Melby: Arctic identities and Icelandic identities
    • Maja Cederberg: Highskilled Female labour Migrants