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  • State and Society

    The state and society group is a research forum for members of GPES to examine a broad range of themes associated with the relationship between states and societies in a global perspective. The core research interests of the group include, but is not limited to: populism, democracy and citizenship, political parties, informal practices and political institutions. While the regional focus is open-ended there is a specific focus within the group on post-Soviet politics, Europe and the European Union and South Africa.


    Core aims

    The activities of the state and society research group includes, but again is not limited to presenting work-in-progress papers and grant applications, hosting external invited speakers, hosting reading groups, the sponsoring of conferences and workshops and working and cooperating with external partners on large externally funded research projects.

    Recent papers

    • Viktoria Obolevich, Aarhus University, Regulating Tobacco Products in the Internal Market: legality and effectiveness of EU law with focus on labelling and packaging provisions.
    • Sarah Slator, Oxford Brookes University, The international implications of the Rivonia Trial.
    • Rebecca Fradkin, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Authoritarian Regimes and the Co-optation of Religion: Kazakhstan and Islam.
    • Maira Zeinilova, Analysing the changing pattern of the descriptive representation of women in authoritarian regimes: the case of Kazakhstan.

    Core members

    • Jon Wheatley (Convenor)
    • Jasmin Dall'Agnola
    • Barrie Axford
    • Gary Browning
    • John Crabtree
    • Huw Houssemayne Du Boulay
    • Alexander Finnen
    • Richard Huggins
    • Stephen Hurt
    • Rico Isaacs
    • Andy Kilmister
    • Lyudmila Nurse
    • Sofya Omarova
    • Christina J Steenkamp
    • Pritam Singh
    • Sarah Whitmore
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