Midas Gordon‐Farleigh


Midas Gordon‐Farleigh

I have been well-supported by the Department

I chose Brookes because Geography looked like an interesting and active course and for the great combinations available. Also, the Department has a great reputation for equipping graduates with good employment skills such as time management and managing groups. At a time when job competition is fierce, nothing could be more important.

Location was also a key factor and living in Oxford is great. I’m far away from home enough to be independent, but not so far away that it costs me lots to get back. This has meant I can see friends and family easily. Also the culture, nightlife and sheer number of students is pretty cool. There is always something to do!

Initially when I graduate, I’d like to go into conservation work but in the long term I would like to get into documentary making. I undertook a geography Independent Study module as part of my degree, part of which involved making a half hour documentary. It was by far one of the most satisfying parts of my degree as I had set my own targets and achieved them.

I have been well‐supported by the Department in my studies and found the staff both engaging and interesting with plenty of time to discuss personal academic interests and projects with me.