Jasmin Dall’Agnola

Jasmin Dall’Agnola


Email: 17004782@brookes.ac.uk

Thesis title: The Impact of Globalization on National Identities in Post-Soviet Societies

Start year: 2017


Research topic

As a case sui generis, my PhD project discusses the reality of the two concepts Globalization and National Identity within the context of the former Soviet Union and emphasize why post-Soviet citizens’ national identification with their nation is disproportionally affected by the side effects of globalization. Previous scholars, operating from a qualitative perspective, have often based their findings on only a country’s minority and previous quantitative have proven inconsistent. In light of this, my PhD project uses a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods within a longitudinal framework, since a longitudinal mixed-method approaches will provide us with a more nuanced understanding of the causal relationship between Globalization and National Identity. As a result, my PhD project can be divided into a quantitative (MPhil stage) and a qualitative phase (PhD stage).

Within the MPhil stage, several multilevel regression analyses (Hox 2010) have been carried out in the program interface R, to observe the impact of globalization on national identities among 13 post-Soviet countries.

Given the former Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan political elites’ dual approach towards processes of Globalization, together with the country’s unique tetrachotomy of National Identity narratives (ethnic, civic, socio-economic and quasi-primordial tengerism), make Kazakhstan a valuable, appropriate and interesting case-study to observe the influence of Globalization on ordinary citizens’ perception of their National Identity within a post-Soviet country. In contrast to previous scholars operating from a qualitative perspective, who mainly focused on the country’s elite’s perception of the Kazakh national identity, my research’s qualitative component’s original contribution to knowledge at PhD stage, is to deliver an in-depth understanding of how any correlation between Globalization and National Identity can be interpreted and understood by some sections of the ordinary population of Kazakhstan, through the conducting focus groups interviews in Astana and Kostanay in summer 2019.


Globalization, Nationalism, National Identity, Post-Soviet Space, Kazakhstan, Mixed Methods

General research interests

My main research interests include the debates on Globalization and Nationalism, the Reminiscence of Soviet Nationalizing Policies, the political philosophical debates on Totalitarianism and Feminism and the usage of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Political Science. Political Theory and Philosophy (with focus on Isaiah Berlin, Hannah Arendt, Bakunin, Herzen). Post-Soviet Countries (with focus on Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). Feminism (Camille Paglia, Margaret Cavendish). Combined usage of qualitative and quantitative Methods in Social Science. Program Interface R.

Work in progress

  • PhD project: The impact of Globalization on National Identities in Post-Soviet Countries
  • Paper: Can Globalism and Nationalism coexist within the Post-Soviet Space?

Teaching experience

  • U23202 Introduction to International Relations 2, Associate Lecturer, 01.02.2019 – 01.06.2019
  • U23132 Researching Politics and International Relations 2, Associate Lecturer for Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis, 18.02.2019
  • “Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism”, Teaching Assistant, University of Zurich UZH, 20.02.2019- 28.05.2019
  • U23101 Introduction into Politics, Associate Lecturer, 27.09.2018- 20.12.2018
  • “Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism”, Teaching Assistant, University of Zurich UZH, 19.09.2016- 21.12.2016
  • “Sir Isaiah Berlin. Political Thought”, Teaching Assistant, University of Zurich UZH, 16.09.2015- 16.12.2015

Academic and professional training

  • MA in Political Science (Major) and Russian Linguistics (Minor) at University of Zurich UZH, 01.08.2014- 01.08.2016
  • BA in Political Science (Major, Focus on Political Philosophy and Comparative Politics) and Russian Linguistics (Minor) at University of Zurich UZH, 01.08.2011-01.08.2014

Scholarships and prizes

  • 23. 11. 2019 – 26. 11. 2019 ASEEES Graduate Student Travel Grant: 402 GBP/ 500 USD
  • 12. 04. 2019 – 14. 04. 2019 BASEES Annual Conference Fee Grant: 70 GBP/ 91 USD
  • 17. 03. 2019 – 17. 08. 2019 BASEES Postgraduate Research Grant PhD fieldwork Kazakhstan: 700 GBP/ 910 USD
  • Full-time PhD research student grant, Oxford Brookes University, September 2017 till September 2020.
  • ASN Special Convention in Graz Conference Fee Grant, 04. 07. 2018 – 06. 07. 2018
  • 2019 BASEES Annual Conference, Conference Fee Grant, 12.04.2019 – 14.04.2019

Other experience and professional activities

  • Organization of 2 panels featuring only early-career female scholars for the 2019 BASEES Annual Convention in Cambridge
  • Co-Founder and Chair of the Eurasian, East and Central European Studies Women’s Academics Forum (EECES WAF) Twitter: @EECESWAF
  • Organization of the launch of Eurasian, East and Central European Studies Women’s Academics Forum (EECES Women’s Academics Forum) at the Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society at Oxford Brookes University on September 13th 2018
  • Treasurer of BASEES Caucasus Study Group since December 2017
  • Committee Member of Oxford Swiss Society, September 2017 till September 2018