Briony Farmer

Geography, 2019

Briony Farmer

My course gave me tonnes of skills. I now know what I want to do in the future, and how to apply it to a career

Geography isn’t split at Oxford Brookes. You don’t have to see yourself as either a human or physical geographer. And, later, you have the freedom to focus on what you want.

‘The freedom to do something I loved’

I loved my third year work. I was able to do my own research, in what’s called an Independent Study module dissertation. I was led by my tutors, but I had the freedom to do something I loved.

In second year, we had a field trip to Spain (you can choose between Spain and Malta). It’s paid for by the university. I got to know people really well, and it helped my confidence and communication skills.

‘I took my research to parliament’

I did my independent study module on the history of prefab housing, and how we can use it to address current housing problems. I did a policy report and a presentation on that, and I took both to Parliament.

Two students from the university get picked to go, and you explain your research to MPs, and they question you on it. It really helped my communication skills and employability.