School of Social Sciences

  • Research students

    Name Research area Email
    Huw Houssemayne du Boulay Post-Soviet, postcolonial: Crimea, national identity and territorial integrity in Russian government discourse 1991–2015
    Claire Cardinal Lemur-human coexistence: the impact of human activities on the behaviour and demography of cathemeral lemurs in south-eastern Madagascar
    Francesca de Chenu Conservation and agriculture: Do wildlife corridors support wildlife and local farming concerns adequately?
    Alexandra Chesters The Joy of Possessions and Decluttering in Japan and the West
    Sophie Clare Edwards A Comparison of Craniodental Morphology of Hominoids of the Late Miocene and Early Pliocene in relation to Contemporary Climate Change and Paleoecological Shifts
    Emma Hankinson Megafauna Extinction on our watch: Conserving Sumatra ߣ s last remaining elephant populations and their tropical forests
    Luke Holmes Exploring experiences of Vietnamese labour migration in the UK and Vietnam: dominant discourses and migrants’ lived experiences
    Sophie Manson Quantifying the ecosystem services provided by vertebrates within an agroforest environment in Java, Indonesia
    Thais Q. Morcatty A multilateral approach to tackling wildlife trade in South America: people, ecology and conservation Supervisors
    Sofya Omarova Trajectories of state and regime development in Central Asia and Caucasus: Informal and formal political institutions
    Elena Račevska Lemurs as protectors of the forest: Lemur seed dispersal, forest regeneration and local livelihoods in the littoral forest fragments of Madagascar
    Kira Raith Quaternary climate change and landscape evolution of Southeast Arabia
    Sam Hyde Roberts Behavioural ecology, adaptation and conservation of the Anosy mouse lemur (Microcebus tanosi) in the littoral forests of Sainte Luce, southeastern Madagascar
    Brittany Carol Rapone Cultural Influences Behind Exotic Pet Cafés in Japan and their Relation to the International Pet Trade
    Kat Scott Orangutans in the New Frontier: Strategies for Survival in Altered Landscapes TBC
    Kavi Thakore A ‘Cosmopolitan’ Financial Transaction Tax
    Bethany Watkins Beneath the moon and under the sun: what the navigational strategies of Eulemur collaris can tell us about the evolution of higher cognition
    Tim Wakeman How do Social Movements emerge and bring about social change? A case study of Focus E15

    PhD Completions


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Jasmin Dall'Agnola The impact of globalisation on national identities in post-Soviet societies Dr Sarah Whitmore
    Jon Gorrie (Masters by Research) Does culture evolve? Testing evolutionary theories of culture through a case study of El Khiam points from three sites in the Pre Pottery Neolithic A of the Southern Levant Dr Simon Underdown
    Dr Lucy Vigne The rhino horn and ivory trade: 1980–2020 Professor Vincent Nijman


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Elena Bersacola Zooming in on human-wildlife coexistence: primate community responses in a shared agroforest landscape in Guinea-Bissau’ Professor Catherine Hill
    Dr Duccio Gasparri Locals, New-locals, Non-locals: (Re)mapping people and food in post-disaster Ishinomaki, Japan Professor Jeremy Macclancy
    Dr Louella Matsanuga
    Dr Miguel de Guinea Navigating in Rainforests: Movement patterns in a neotropical primate the Black Howler Monkey
    Professor Anna Nekaris, Dr Alejandro Estrada, Professor Vincent Nijman
    Dr Paul Moran Autonomy in modern Basque art, an anthropological perspective Professor Jeremy Macclanc
    Dr Kathleen Reinhardt Ecophysiology of a wild nocturnal primate the Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus Javanicus) Professor Anna Nekaris
    Dr Peter Roberts ‘The Asian Palm Civet: Fundamental Baseline Findings in Ecology, Captive Husbandry and Effects of Trade in Civet Coffee’ Professor Vincent Nijman


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Gisele Arruda Promoting sustainable energy literacy through higher education for the Arctic Dr Helen Walkington
    Dr Daniel Bergin Wildlife Trade in Morocco: Conservation, Laws and Welfare Professor Vincent Nijman
    Dr Aimee Oxley Great Ape Conservation in the Matrix: Investigating the Socialogical responses of chimpanzees living in a forest -farm mosiac, Uganda Professor Catherine Hill
    Dr Jaima Smith An examination and assessment of current conservation practices for Javan gibbons (Hylobates moloch) in West Java, Indonesia Professor Vincent Nijman


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Michela Balestri Ecology and conservation of the southern woolly lemur (Avahi meridionalis) in the Tsitongambarika Protected Area, south-eastern Madagascar Dr Giuseppe Donati
    Dr Marco Campera Ecological flexibilty and conservation of Fleurette's sportive lemur, Lepilemur fleureatae, in the lowland rainforest of Ampasy, Tsitongambarika Protected Area Dr Giuseppe Donati
    Dr Stephanie Poindexter Navigating the Night: Spatial Cognition. Locomotor and ranging behaviour in Nycticebus species Professor Anna Nekaris


    Name Title Directors
    Dr (Mhd) Samer Altoutou The confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme: nature, scope and legality Dr John Gold
    Dr Francis Cabana Using feeding ecology to influence captive slow loris (Nyticebus spp.) nutrition and husbandry Prof Anna Nekaris
    Dr Magda Svennson Conservation and ecology of nocturnal primates: night monkeys, galagos, pottos and angwantibos as case studies Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Malgosia Nowak Kemp The vertebrate zoological collections of the University of Oxford – studies on the changing nature of collecting, displays, teaching and the role of specimens in research over the last 400 years. Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Aoife Healy Conservation of ververts, Africa's most ubiquitous primates Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Shane Szarkowski There is no Afghanistan - the historic indeterminancy of Afghan Sovereign Identity Prof Gary Browning
    Dr James Eaton Status, distrubtion and conservation of taxonomically cryptic bird species (Aves) across insular South East Asia Prof Vincent Nijman


    Name Title Directors
    Mattia Cartolano, MSc by Research Diverse Evolutionary Paths Prof Adrian Parker, Dr Sam Smith
    Dr Samentha Goethals Business Human Rights Responsibilities and the Situation of Migrant Workers in Britain: a Multi-stakeholder Study Juliette Koning
    Dr Abilene Pitt New Forms of Power in the World Bank’s Post Washington Consensus Development Policies Dr Lucy Ford


    Name Title Directors
    Dr David Ehlers Smith The ecology and conservation of Presbytis Rubicunda Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Eva Johanna Rode-Margono The ecology of venom use in the Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus Javanicus) and its implications for conservation Prof Anna Nekaris
    Dr Matthew Hurley Gendering NATO: Analysing the construction and implementation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s gender perspective Prof Tina Miller
    Dr Matthew Donoghue ‘Cohesion’ in the context of welfare and citizenship: discourse, policy and common sense Prof Tina Miller
    Dr Hannah Parathian Ethneocology in the Colombian Amazon: Tikuan-Wildlife Interactions in Amacayacu National Park Prof Catherine Hill
    Dr Joana Vaz de Sousa Shape Shifting nature in a contested landscape in Guinea-Bissau Prof Kate Hill, Dr Nancy Priston


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Agnieszka Balicka Changes in International Law in response to terrorist attacks: A comparative study of Israel and US state practice Dr Tina Managhan
    Dr David Hughes Contemporary US Liberalism in Post Secular Perspective Prof Gary Browning
    Dr Anna Elvidge Captive breeding programmes for Nocturnal Prosimians Prof Anna Nekaris
    Dr Mansi Desai Phytoremediation: a tool for restoring land degraded due to opencast coal mining Dr Martin Haigh
    Dr Rihab Alteraifi Disability, citizenship and education in England Prof Gary Browning
    Dr Paola Esposito Butch Dance in the UK: an ethnographic performance investigation Dr Mitch Sedgewick


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Stephanie Oeben Massively multiplayer online role-playing games in Europe and Japan: a comparative anthropological study Dr Mitch Sedgewick
    Dr Anna Fraser An Investigation of the Medical Use of Thermo-mineral Springs Found in Misasa Onsen (Japan) & Jachymov (Czech Republic) Prof Joy Hendry & Dr Chris McDonaugh
    Dr Karen Hiser Crop raiding and conflict: farmers' perceptions of human-wildlife interactions in Hoima District, Uganda Prof Catherine Hill
    Dr Camille Coudrat Ecology and conservation of docu monkeys (Pygathrix spp.) in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam: a comparative study Prof Anna Nekaris
    Dr Sam Shanee Conservation and ecology of Andean primates in Peru Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Andrew Watt Perkin Taxonomy, Biogeography and Conservation of the Cryptic and Endemic Forest Dwelling Taxa of Tanzania and Kenya focusing on Galagos (Primate: Galagonidae), Sengis (Insectivora: Macroscelidea) and Birds (Aves) Prof Simon Bearder
    Dr Rozita Mekanikian An analysis of the degree of sustainability of desertification control projects within the Iranian national context Dr Martin Haigh
    Dr Ashley Parton Quaternary Environmental & Climatic Reconstruction from SE Arabia: Implications for Human Dispersal & Occupation Prof Adrian Parker


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Yvonne Anne De Jong Taxonomy, diversity, biogeography and conservation of the primates of Kenya amd Tanzania Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Anna Maria Awsiukiewicz Motherhood experiences through transformations: narratives of intergenerational continuities and changes in Post-Communist Poland Dr Abigail Halcli
    Dr Christopher Shepherd Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade in southeast Asia: the effectiveness of CITES as a conservation tool Prof Vincent Nijman
    Dr Richard Moore Ethics, ecology and evolution of Indonesian Slow Lorises (Nycticebus spp) rescued from the pet trade Prof Anna Nekaris
    Dr Eleanor McDonald Mothering children with serious vision impairment: agency, disability and 'good' mothering Prof Tina MIller
    Dr Miguel Otero The Euro vs the Dollar in the political economy of global monetary governance: perceptions of the financial elites in China, the GCC and Brazil Prof Magnus Ryner
    Dr Alexander John Finnan The international community's management of 'post conflict' with particular reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof Barrie Axford


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Sebastian Boret From social to ecological immortality: kinship, identity and death in Japanese tree burial Prof Joy Hendry
    Dr Elizabeth Ann O’Rourke On Record - exploring social workers' attempts to reconcile competing agendas in the case record Prof Tina Miller
    Dr Emma Claire Rundall Transsexual People in the UK Workplace: An Analysis of Transsexual men's & Transsexual women's experiences Prof Tina Miller
    Dr Gareth Preston From nomadic herder-hunters to sedentart famers: the relationship between climate, environment and human societies in the UAE from the Neolithic to the Iron Age Prof Adrian Parker
    Dr Josia Razafndramanana Behavioural ecology of sympatric lemur species Lemur catta and Eulemur sp. in forest gragments, south-eastern Madagascar Prof Simon Bearder


    Name Title Directors
    Dr Duncan Green Active citizens and effective states: definitions and interactions: a critical review Prof Stephen Hurt
    Dr Matthew Mclennan Chimpanzee ecology and interactions with people in an unprotected human-dominated landscape at Bulindi, West Uganda Prof Catherine Hill
    Dr Ente Jacob Johan Elephant endurance in Aceh: the effects of habitat disturbance and land cover change on the conservation of Sumatran elephants in Aceh, Indonesia Prof Vincent Nijman