• Forum
    • A vibrant, open space that provides space for collaborative and individual working.
    • The new ‘hub’ for students on the Headington Campus.
    • A unique space to inspire 21st century thinking and debate.

    The Forum provides a contemporary social learning space for Oxford Brookes' students to study using the latest technology in an open environment that promotes creativity and collaboration.

    Berry O'Donovan - Principal Lecturer Student Experience

    A dynamic social zone

    Designed as a multi-functional space, students are able to choose the area that best suits their needs. There are relaxing sofas to enjoy a coffee, areas for collaborative working and more traditional-style study spaces. Comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage and ubiquitous electrical sockets also ensure you have everything you need to keep you glued to your studies.

    Student services

    As well as being a dedicated social learning space, the Forum is also the ‘go to’ place for other important student services including: