Outside Spaces

  • Outside Spaces

    It isn’t only the John Henry Brookes Building itself that has received careful attention in its design. Landscape architects have created inspiring outside areas to complement the impressive quality of those indoors.

    • The outdoor spaces have been thoughtfully designed to encourage learning and relaxation (when the weather allows).
    • Over 100 hundred new trees have been planted to provide green spaces.
    • A public art strategy is in place to complement these outdoor spaces.

    The Piazza

    Staff, students and visitors arriving at the Headington Campus do so via the Piazza, off Headington Road.

    Newly planted mature trees provide a leafy ‘guard of honour’ around the boundaries of the space. The Rain Pavilion – the winning entry in our Pavilion Project competition that gave students the chance to create an art installation – will also take pride of place on the Piazza.

    Unbeknown to those above, the Piazza’s benches also lead a double life – by also housing the inlets to the passive ground cooling system that provides the fresh, temperature-controlled air to the John Henry Brookes Building and Lecture Theatre.

    The Terrace Courtyard

    Located next to the Terrace eatery, and with a grove of silver birch trees, this is the ideal place for you to enjoy a bit of al fresco dining whist on the Headington Campus.

    The Central Courtyard

    A leafy, green sanctuary, this second courtyard has a great variety of plants, from existing trees through to newly planted ferns and bamboo. The mix of foliage provides students, staff and visitors with distinct places to enjoy the outdoors, while the bamboo grove offers shade and a place for reflection. In warmer months, the lawn also offers a space to soak up some sun.