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    Our commitment is to provide facilities which meet the needs of the future of higher education with an experience which directly benefits the lives of our students.

    Following our estates investment announcement in January 2015, completed projects added here offer new facilities and modern approaches to teaching and learning.


    A complete, £34 million refurbishment of Clerici created a new home for the Business School alongside 30 teaching rooms, group and individual study spaces, the Clerici Café and new external landscaping. The former Main Hall was also demolished and the Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall, a large space for teaching and events including graduation ceremonies, was created. This was fully completed in early 2018.


    Buckley has been fully refurbished, with the Senior Management Team and teams from Corporate Affairs, Finance and Legal Services, and Academic and Student Affairs now occupying the first and second floors of the building.

    Moving in in spring 2016, inter-team collaboration should be easier than ever, with informal working and meeting spaces close by on both floors.

    The ground floor has brought a new home to Wellbeing, the University’s student counselling, disability/dyslexia support and Chaplaincy teams, along with the campus’ prayer rooms. This location should bring these services closer to students when they need them the most.

    3G pitches - Brookes Sport Botley

    At Harcourt Hill campus brand new 3G sports pitches were completed in October 2015. They are floodlit until 10pm and can be divided up for smaller, all-weather, games and used at full size for larger matches. Find out more on Brookes Sport Botley's website.

    Sinclair - ground floor

    In early September 2015, the refurbishment of Sinclair, ground floor was completed. The new labs provide Psychology facilities, including the Baby Lab and PuMA lab. There are also new offices for the Health and Life Sciences Faculty Executive office and Administration office. In the foyer area, there are informal meeting spaces, workstations, as well as the faculty's student support coordinator.

    International Centre

    The International Centre, completed in September 2015, brings all the teams in Oxford Brookes International together into one building. The refurbishment project created new offices and slightly different layout on the top floor. there is also a new 'Student Zone' including interview rooms, for international students meet with their tutors or study.


    Completed in summer 2015, the Lloyd building provides a new home for the Accommodation Bureau and Transport Services, Admissions team and UK Recruitment and Partnerships. In new offices, the building provides a central location for a number of useful student services.

    Old residential demolition

    At Harcourt Hill Campus, disused residential buildings (buildings m-y) have been demolished as part of our agreement with the local council to build Westminster Hall. The cleared space is being landscaped over the remainder of 2015.


    Refurbishment of teaching rooms and offices throughout Gibbs were completed in late May. New furniture and IT have been set up, setting a new standard for teaching rooms going forward. On the top floor, new office space for Oxford Brookes Information Services has also been provided.

    Richard Hamilton

    Rooms on the first floor, where UK recruitment and Partnerships were previously based, have been refurbished. It has provided space for the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OICPS).

    Colonnade (Phase 3)

    With the aged steel flowing from the Headington Road, over the top of the building and into the John Henry Brookes Building the Colonnade pulls three significant works of the campus redevelopment together.

    The completion of the Piazza and the Colonnade were the third phase of the campus redevelopment. The ground floor of the Colonnade houses a convenience store, book shop and a bank. The upper level will includes a Doctor's surgery, Studental and Osteopath services.

    Birch Housedemolition

    Over the summer of 2014, Birch House was demolished. This created an open, outdoor space next to Union Bar and the Gibbs Building.

    John Henry Brookes Building (Phase 2)

    Set at the heart of our Headington campus, the John Henry Brookes Building has been designed for the future of higher education and is transforming how our students use the campus. Since the building opened on the 24 February 2014, students have not looked back and have populated all of the amazing spaces. JHBB in focus provides a low down of the key spaces.

    Abercrombie (Phase 1)

    The first phase of the campus redevelopment to be completed at the Headington Campus was the Abercrombie Extension. This construction modernised the existing Abercrombie building and provides studios and learning spaces connected by glass walkways spanning an expansive full-height atrium.

    Wheatley Park School Road

    In the spring of 2014, phase one of a new access road into the Wheatley Campus and the neighbouring Wheatley Park School, was completed. This project is the first step towards creating better road access onto the Wheatley Campus.

    New cycle and footpaths have been laid and toucan crossings installed. This phase has provided the school with vital transport improvement, which includes a new coach park with turning area and parking bays as well as reworked, safer car parking.

    The second phase of the development will complete the new access road and pedestrianise the heart of Wheatley Campus. This work has not yet been scheduled. Further details will be provided when a programme has been established.

    Harcourt Kitchen

    Harcourt Kitchen, as the refectory is now known, has been inspired by the 1950s heritage of the Harcourt Hill Campus. With retro furnishings and fittings and an eclectic mix of furniture, this modernised space is now ideal to relax, work or just meet up with friends and colleagues.

    Marston Road Cafe

    The new Marston Café includes a cosy new coffee area with a design inspired by the outdoors. What was once a computer room has now been transformed into a place of calm where students and staff can enjoy a relaxing drink or a bite to eat.

    Westminster Halls

    Oxford Brookes welcomed students to its newest halls in September 2012. The Westminster Halls are situated on our Harcourt Hill Campus, a short walk to both the teaching and sporting facilities. They have been designed to recognise the changing needs of students. There are both 6 bedroom cluster flats and a number of studio flats. The studios can sleep one to two people and are ideal for students who want their own kitchen and desire a bit more privacy.

    The halls have been built to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. Key features include sedum plant roofs, a centralised energy centre and smart meters installed to monitor the individual flats’ energy consumption.

    To recognise the contribution both Reverend Trevor Hughes and Reverend Professor Francis Young OBE have made to the development of Oxford Brookes and in particular the Harcourt Hill Campus the Westminster Halls have been named after these special individuals.