Cast your vote in the Headington Neighbourhood Plan referendum

Thursday, 27 April 2017

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There is one week to go until local elections are held (on Thursday 4 May) across the UK.

For residents of Oxfordshire and other nearby authorities this will mean elections for County Councillors; for those who live in Headington, including many Oxford Brookes students and staff, there is also a local referendum taking place.

Headington residents are being asked to vote on whether to accept the proposed Headington Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out a 15-year strategy for the development of the area.

Neighbourhood plans are a tool to allow residents to have a say in the future of their locality and aim to provide a framework for the development of housing and commercial spaces (including educational establishments like schools and universities). They also provide a backdrop against which planning applications for any such spaces are measured, with a greater say given to those who reside in the local area.

The Plan has three overarching objectives:
  • Improving the quality of life for residents, workers and students.
  • Establishing and promoting an identity which embraces the diverse nature of Headington.
  • Fostering beneficial development.

The Plan covers all of Oxford Brookes’ sites within Headington, including all of Headington Campus (including Marston Road) and Clive Booth, Cheney and Warneford halls of residence. Oxford Brookes has engaged with the draft and consultation stages of the plan’s development.

You are able to view the Headington Neighbourhood Plan here in advance of election day on Thursday 4 May. More information about the elections in Oxford on the day can be found on the Oxford City Council webpages.