Cladding our buildings: the process

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Various stages of the installation, seen here on the Sinclair Annex

As redevelopment continues to transform Headington Campus, you may notice that some buildings are being given a facelift.

The installation of new cladding (an external covering on a building’s structure) is beginning on Sinclair and, soon, Clerici.

These new facades will provide a modern finish to these buildings – which are currently being refurbished – and will see their external finish fit more closely with those of recent on-campus developments, including the John Henry Brookes Building.

Here, we’ll go through the process of installing the new finish and outline the benefits it will bring to the buildings.

  • Scaffolding is erected around the building. Detailed testing of the structure takes place to ensure the most appropriate methods are used to attach the cladding.
  • The current external facade is removed or prepared, ready for the new cladding.
  • Brackets installed: this is the interface between the building and the cladding panels and is the first thing to go up. Holes will be drilled into the building’s structure and the metal brackets fixed in place. These brackets can be seen above, surrounded by the blue membrane.
  • Annex cladding near final

  • Insulation and waterproofing: these will be installed around the brackets, helping ensure the building is weatherproof and – just like insulation in your home – will make the buildings warmer in the winter, greener and more efficient to run. Waterproofing (blue membrane) and insulation (silver blocks) can be seen in the top image.
  • Support rails: these are attached to the brackets and will support the final cladding panels. Vertical rails can be seen in the top image, affixed to some of the brackets.
  • Cladding panels: these panels, the final finish of the building’s new exterior, are fixed in place as in the image above.
  • Windows: the windows will go in, finally sealing the building and completing the new facade. In Sinclair, where this process is happening while the building remains occupied, the current windows will remain in place and be removed as each floor is refurbished.

You can keep up-to-date with progress of the cladding, and all works across our campuses, by signing up the Space to Think Works Update.