An update on the estates investment plan

Monday, 16 November 2015

Clerici, Main Hall and Sinclair

In January, the University announced it was set to invest on average £13 million per year over the next ten years on its estate. The plan includes moving all teaching, research and support activity from the Wheatley Campus by 2021/22 and a programme of refurbishment work and potential new build on the Headington and Harcourt Hill campuses.

Groups have now been established to develop the thinking on three key project areas:
• the campus experience at Wheatley
• the future investment in and development of the Harcourt Hill campus
• the future estates provision for the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment (TDE) following their move from the Wheatley campus.

The work of each of these groups, as well as an update on other key activities, is outlined below

Wheatley Campus Experience and TDE Future Provision Group

The Wheatley Campus Experience Group is chaired by Julie McLeod, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience, and focuses on the actions necessary to maintain a positive staff and student experience on the Wheatley Campus following the move of the Faculty of Business in 2017.
The group has focused on understanding the needs of campus users after this date and has received reports from faculty meetings as well as the outcomes of a staff survey.

Following on from this, options for making best use of the campus will be further developed and shared with staff and student focus groups for discussion. In addition, the TDE Future Provision Group, chaired by Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the faculty Paul Inman, recently met for the first time and is tasked with developing the specification and needs for the new faculty space.

Harcourt Hill Campus Development Group

Chaired by Anne Gwinnett, Director of Corporate Affairs, this group is looking into future provision on this campus and met for the first time in October. In addition to a series of planned refurbishments, there is the potential to invest in an enhanced learning resources provision on campus, which could see a new facility developed offering similar services to those found in the John Henry Brookes Building. The group’s first task is to consider options for the appropriate level of teaching and research activity to be carried out on campus.
More updates will follow as the group progresses this important work.

Redevelopment at Headington: progress and next projects

Staff moves

The programme to better co-locate staff following the opening of the John Henry Brookes building is nearly complete. The Lloyd building is now the new home for the Accommodation Bureau, Transport Services, UK Recruitment and Partnerships, and the Admissions Team. In addition, over the summer work was completed on the ground floor of Sinclair and is now fully occupied by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.


The next step for improving Sinclair is the refurbishment of the Sinclair Annex (formerly Galianos). The annex is set to become the new home of the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences’ Bio-imaging Unit. Refurbishment of levels one and two of Sinclair will follow.
In addition, the University is looking to improve the external façade of Sinclair, Clerici, the former library and Main Hall so that it is in keeping with the John Henry Brookes building.

Clerici and the former library

Work will soon begin on Clerici and the former library, which will become the new home for the Faculty of Business in 2017. Clerici will also house 28 teaching rooms and a lecture theatre that will be suited to supporting collaborative learning.

Main Hall

With the Main Lecture Theatre set to be demolished; workshops have taken place to consider how the Main Hall could better meet the needs of the University. It has been agreed that rather than refurbishing the existing building, a demolition and rebuild of the Main Hall is necessary. This will better enable issues of flexibility and accessibility to be addressed. Further news and outcomes of the workshops will follow in a future edition of Onstream.

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During these projects there may be some disruption on campus. With larger projects set to commence soon you can keep up to date with the live projects via the Space to Think update.