Staff moves at Headington Campus

Monday, 14 July 2014

Staff moves

Relocating key teams and services

The opening of the John Henry Brookes Building has seen a number of key, student-facing services move into this award-winning facility.  As well as transforming the student, staff and visitor experience on the Headington Campus, it also provides the opportunity to think about how the University can get the best out of the campus as a whole.

Following consultations with Faculties and Directorates to understand the space requirements for each department and to explore plans for locating key teams together, a series of staff moves has been approved by Board of Governors.  These moves see the co-location of key groups of staff into better designed space, which will improve the use of space across the campus.  This will, in turn, reduce heating, lighting and maintaining costs, which frees up funding to invest more directly in the student experience.

The plans see what is now the Media Centre become the first port of call for prospective students – a hub for enquiry to enrolment activities. Given the Media Centre’s location just off the new Piazza, locating key, student-facing services here has the potential to really benefit students.

The proposals also see a number of other moves, including the creation of a Directorate Hub in the Buckley Building; the re-location of some research teams into their faculties or closer to their research facilities; and the co-location of Brookes Print, stores and the post room. More detail on who is moving is available on the Moves website.

Maintaining the staff and student experience has been central to the decision-making process and efforts have been made to ensure minimum disruption to those staff who need to move and that any impact on pooled teaching and core services are kept to a minimum.

These moves are currently scheduled to begin in July and will continue through into spring/summer 2015. For more information on consultation so far and the latest progress with each move, please follow the links below.