Summer 2017: What’s happening at Wheatley Campus

Friday, 12 May 2017

Wheatley future configuration 2017

We’re investing in Wheatley Campus this summer, enhancing the student experience and the facilities available to everyone on campus.

With the Business School moving to Headington, it provides an opportunity to refurbish some key spaces and use the newer buildings for those students and staff remaining at Wheatley.

These are being developed based on feedback from students and staff at Wheatley, including the addition of gym facilities on the campus.

Read on as we highlight what you can expect to see in the new academic year in September and give an update on what work to expect over the summer.

What you’ll see in September

Key teaching spaces will be as-new, the library will have seen a refurbishment and there’ll be new student social and recreational spaces, including a gym.

You’ll find the Grab & Go shop in The Hub, which will remain the place for meals, drinks and snacks. The cash machine will move into the library entrance area – meaning it’ll have longer hours of service.

What work’s happening this summer?

We’re freeing up space in the library as business-related books and journals are moved to Headington library, between 22 May and 9 June. We’ll then be refurbishing the Wheatley library, likely starting in July, so you’ll see a better use of the space, based on your feedback. Find more information on how to prepare for this on the library webpages.

Simon Williams Centre
The ground floor will be a new student social area, with space for online gaming and relaxation, with some kitchen facilities. We’re also installing a new gym with cardio equipment, weights and space for classes.

Teaching spaces
Key teaching spaces across the campus, including F102 lecture theatre, will also be refreshed and computer labs currently in Turing will be moved to new, refurbished locations.

The focus is to deliver these important student spaces for the new academic year in September, but we’ll also be moving staff into improved and better-located offices too.

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