New wayfinding and signage – send us your views

Tuesday, 05 May 2015

Artist's impression sign

Over the next two years we are looking to refresh the University wayfinding strategy and campus signage to help students and visitors find their way around more easily

We are aiming to install all new external signage and we will be addressing internal building signage alongside the refurbishment programme, which we detailed at our recent estates exhibition.

To support campus navigation we will also be updating our maps and will be looking to improve information on main routes between campuses, student accommodation and the city centre.

Similar in style to the signage used in the John Henry Brookes Building and Abercrombie, the new scheme will incorporate materials which are more flexible and easier to update.

The font size and weight will also be increased to make signs easier to read for those with visual impairments. Signage will use charcoal grey lettering on a white background for a preferred contrast including for those with dyslexia. The new strategy will also make better use of room codes to ensure more consistency between timetabling and signage.

Take a look at the wayfinding images and wayfinding concepts, and let us know what you think email