Your feedback from our estates exhibitions

Wednesday, 01 July 2015

Clerici artists impression

During May and June we conducted exhibitions at all our campuses and to the public about upcoming estates work.

The exhibition specifically highlighted plans for the Clerici and Sinclair buildings and proposals for the main hall. Thank you to the students, staff and members of the public who fed back.

Over 200 students and staff completed our feedback form in May. The main proposals we highlighted in the exhibition were really well received – namely the new façade for Clerici and Sinclair buildings and proposals for refurbishing the Main Hall.
87% of respondents agreed that the new façade would improve the overall look and feel of the campus. 80% of respondents agreed that the proposed main hall would provide a usable space for teaching, exams, graduation and other activity.
This was echoed in comments from the local community at a public consultation in early June. We received nine written responses from the public, all of which agreed that the new Clerici façade and Sinclair cladding  would improve the look and feel of the university and the local area. “Excellent design” read one response “look forward to seeing the final outcome”. Others said they were pleased to see the buildings being refurbished rather than demolished and hoped that the project will enhance the opportunities for the public to interact with the university.

Spaces and facilities
With more social learning space to be created in the refurbished Clerici building, 51% of students and staff said there should be equal amounts of space designed for individual study and group work. 41% of respondents opted for more individual study space. We’ll be creating the new spaces in Clerici to provide for a full range of different studying preferences. 
We also saw how important using a personal device was to students. 69% of students said their personal device was the equipment they used most in teaching rooms. Similarly, 87% of students selected ‘electrical sockets’ as an important feature for social learning spaces.  We will also be looking at innovative ways to provide safe and abundant access to sockets in the Clerici refurbishment. 

While the upcoming estates plans have had a strongly positive response there are some areas that have raised concern among staff and students. For example, a dislike of automatic room controls, like in the John Henry Brookes Building, and overuse of accent colours were clear themes that emerged. From these consultations and other evaluations, we’ve been learning from your feedback. An analysis of your comments and responses will be used to inform the working groups for these projects and others in the estates investment plan. Altogether, your input into exhibitions like these builds a valuable pool of knowledge that informs our designers and planners about what you need from your campus.


Finally, during our staff and student consultation we also ran a prize draw competition to win a £50 Amazon voucher. Many congratulations to Keiron Halstead, at Clive Booth Student Village, who was the lucky winner.

Keep an eye on the Space to Think news pages as the projects develop. If you have any comments or questions about our estates plans, please tweet @space_to_think or email