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    We’re developing campuses for the future. Where possible we keep disruptive work to times that limit the impact on local residents, staff and students. With the size of some of the works we are doing this is not always possible. Keep up-to-date with current works and route changes on all our campuses.

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  • Works updates

    Current redevelopment works

  • Expected programme of works as of Thursday 5 December 2019:


    • The Sinclair project includes a new building exterior and all levels of the building being fully refurbished with new laboratory, study and office spaces. The ground floor is now open and the building is fully refurbished.
    • Final minor works (snagging) is now taking place as the project draws to a close.
    • Landscape work has been completed on the space previously occupied by the contractor’s compound area.  

    Headington Sport Centre

    Work is continuing on the Sports Lab refurbishment over two floors, ahead of furniture being added and final fit out in the new year. This will be ahead of the new spaces being ready for use in Semester Two. Access remains as usual

    Changes to lighting control systems

    • Lighting in various University buildings - including Clerici, parts of Sinclair, the Sports Hall, International and Lloyd on the Headington Campus and N block at Harcourt Hill - currently use a wifi type lighting control system.
    • Due to issues with the system implemented by a former supplier which has subsequently gone into administration, the University has decided to implement a replacement with a hard wired system. This has been successfully used in the John Henry Brookes Building for the last six years and the University’s Estates and Campus Services team knows how to manage the system.
    • The ongoing work, which will start either later in December or early in 2020, will require new control cables in the buildings’ corridors, installation of new controllers in each light or group of strip lights, installation of wires back to local control units and the replacement of switches and presence detectors. The team conducting the work will use existing conduits and cable ways in walls and ceilings, which should mean there is no need to cut existing plaster ceilings or walls.
    • Work in some corridors and on the top floor of the International Building - which is largely unoccupied - will take place during office hours. However, it is planned that most work will generally take place during evenings from around 5pm to midnight to avoid disruption wherever possible. There will be a few days between the works in each area taking place and the lights being fully commissioned with the system, which will mean that lights will be permanently on with little or no control.
    • Work on each building will take up to four weeks, with the whole project looking to be completed by Easter 2020. Further details on timescales for the buildings will be provided in the future, once the schedule has been finalised.

    Headington Hill Hall

    • The changeover from the temporary boiler to the new replacement gas boilers took place on Monday 18 November, with no service interruption to the heating in the building.
    • The temporary boiler and fuel tank has now been collected and the scaffolding has now been dismantled from the chimney at the front of the building. 
    • The parking spaces that were cordoned off for Health and Safety reasons are now back in use.

    Helena Kennedy/Headington Hill site

    Demolition of the Helena Kennedy building structure is complete. The University will make a further announcement in Spring 2020 to update on the development of this work and latest timescales.

    Paul Kent halls of residence

    Internal refurbishment works are scheduled to begin from Monday 6 January and are expected to complete in December 2020.