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    We’re developing campuses for the future. Where possible we keep disruptive work to times that limit the impact on local residents, staff and students. With the size of some the works we are doing this is not always possible. Keep up to date with current works and route changes on all our campuses.

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  • Works updates

    Current redevelopment works

    Fourth floor demolition almost complete as rooftop works begin to remove redundant structures and resurface.

  • Headington expected programme of works as of Wednesday 11 July 2018


    The Sinclair project includes a new building exterior (cladding) and all levels of the building will be fully refurbished with new laboratory, study and office spaces.

    • On the roof, concrete structures, which are built into the building's core structure, are being removed. As they are attached to columns which run between all floors, noise and vibration is expected to be experienced throughout the building, but in particular at the Clerici end. This work is getting underway and expected to last during w/c Monday 16 July.
    • Colleagues based in Sinclair have been notified of suggested alternative working arrangements should this be appropriate and required during higher levels of noise.

    John Payne

    • The laying of a trench between John Payne and the greenhouse is all but complete, with just a few days' work required to lay the cable and back-fill the hole. These works should cause limited levels of disruption.

    If you think any of this work may clash with any university activity, please contact spacetothink@brookes.ac.uk