Gipsy Lane works from 07 February 2014

Notice valid from: 07/02/2014 - 16/02/2014

Expected programme of works from Friday 7 to Sunday 16 February 2014

Email us now for your visit to the building

  • We will run tours of the new building at intervals over the coming weeks
  • The first 15 people to email will be given a space on the next tour
  • The next tour will take place at 12pm on Tuesday 11 February
  • Look out on Facebook and Twitter for announcements of future tours

See recent images from the building at our Twitter image gallery

Central Courtyard

  • Remedial works to the birch tree planters close to Sinclair will complete next week
  • This work may cause some disruption to nearby building users from hand tools and drilling operations
  • Later in February tree planting and further landscaping may cause some minor noise from hand tool use and digging

Colonnade Building

  • Concrete breaking will continue in the area behind this building and is likely to cause some disruption to users of Buckley and Abercrombie
  • Trench digging has begun close to Abercrombie and will follow the breaking operations along to the Headington Road
  • In addition, high-reach equipment will be used to fit cladding panels, which may cause noise from hand tools and general building works

Access between Abercrombie and Buckley

  • The exit from Abercrombie ground floor level towards Buckley is now closed
  • Please use the first floor exit on to the Piazza to reach Headington Road, Buckley and other buildings

Cycle Shelter

  • Temporary cycle racks will be installed to the area beside the Media Centre and opposite Tonge building in the Western Courtyard
  • The shelter's organic sedum roof will be laid over the first few weeks of February
  • The major works in this area are now complete and the remaining operations should not cause disruption in the near future
  • Drilling and fixing works to install bike hoops will now take place in March and is expected to cause some noise disruption to International Centre users
  • The shelter is now expected to complete in March

North South Route

  • Jetwashing and high-reach equipment will be in operation throughout next week and may cause minor disruption to International Centre and Media Centre users


  • Fencing outside the main entrance to JHB may be extended during the next week as finishing works are carried out, but access will be unaffected
  • Work to install an art piece to the edge of the Piazza entrance from Headington Road may cause some disruption to Media Centre users during the week
  • In addition there may be noise disruption caused by the trimming and fixing of stone as the area is dressed

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