Gipsy Lane works from 11 October 2013

Notice valid from: 11/10/2013 - 19/10/2013

Expected programme of works between 11 October 2013 to 19 October 2013

What's happening on site

The corten steel structure is being constructed along the Colonnade building

The paved route between Headington Road and Tonge will be changing next week to a path next to the media centre

Lighting is active in many areas of the Library and pooled teaching area

Joinery finishes (e.g. counter tops, wall panels) are being installed on the ground floor

See recent images from the construction site at our Twitter image gallery

What you need to know


The path along the western access road is now reopened

Hand tool use will cause minor disruption to the Main Lecture Theatre over the next few days as a lip is added to the concrete wall outside

Deliveries to the Print Room, International Centre and Tonge will need to be arranged in advance - please contact for further info

Gibbs and John Payne

Paving work behind Gibbs may cause minor noise for sustained periods during the laying of a stone pathway

Contractors will make an effort to minimise this disruption to building users, which is expected to continue for the rest of the month

Please use the pedestrian crossing in this area and listen carefully to instructions from construction staff

Buckley and Abercrombie

A mobile crane has been erected on the site of the piazza and will create background engine noise for the remainder of the works

When paving work begins, trimming of stone may cause some erratic disruption from hand tool use

New bike racks are to be fitted next to the Buckley entrance in the next two weeks


Finishes applied to the planters near this building will require some occasional drilling of blockwork and may cause minor disruption

This work will continue throughout October


The newly paved slope is now fully open

The stairs outside Tonge are expected to be reopened next week

International Centre

Access to the International Centre from Headington Road is via a new advertised route as detailed above

Ground works will continue in the areas in front and to the side of the International Centre

This work is expected to cause disruption to building users through October and will be followed by paving works

Works to the building entrance are now complete

Media Centre

Access to the Media Centre is now provided by a dedicated path

Concrete works and hand tool use may continue to cause some minor disturbance for the next few weeks

On completion of the bike racks next to Buckley, the cycle racks next to the Media Centre are set to close


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