Gipsy Lane works from 2 May 2014

Notice valid from: 02/05/2014 - 11/05/2014

Expected programme of works from 2 May 2014 to 11 May 2014

Birch House demolition

  • Birch House is now closed
  • Demolition of this building is expected to begin Monday 19 May
  • Following demolition, the Gibbs courtyard will be redeveloped into a pedestrianised zone
  • Alternative PC facilities are available in JHBB Library, Forum and Teaching areas and in Gibbs and Fuller buildings
  • Traffic will increase in the area between Gibbs and Sinclair, and constructor management will be in force

Gibbs and Sinclair buildings

  • From Monday 5 May a hoarding will begin to be erected around Birch House
  • Pedestrian access will be preserved to all existing building entrances
  • Prior to demolition, the access door leading to SG51 will be closed
  • A week's notice will be given of this and any change to access
  • There will be no date or voice in Gibbs building on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 May
  • Any staff in Gibbs or Sinclair who have concerns should email

John Henry Brookes Building and elsewhere

  • A mobile crane will be operating outside of the Colonnade during Tuesday 6 May 
  • This will require the extension of the hoarding line around the building

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