Gipsy Lane works from 28 March 2014

Notice valid from: 29/03/2014 - 06/04/2014

Expected programme of works from 28/03/14 to 06/04/14

To provide feedback about your experience in the John Henry Brookes Building please email JHBB reception.

Abercrombie Building

A temporary screen will be installed at the western end of the ground floor, approximately 1.5 metres from the end wall near the lift and former OBIS shop.

Access through the area will remain available at all times.

The door at the eastern end of Abercrombie, near the Café and leading to the Central Courtyard will be closed for several hours to allow repairs.

Building users will be asked to use alternative routes.  

Central Courtyard

Metal heras fencing will be removed and a picket fence will be added to the raised lawn.

Campus users are asked to refrain from walking or sitting on the grass  until it is bedded in.

Colonnade Building

Block paving will be laid starting Monday for several weeks, erratic noise can be expected but should not disrupt nearby building users.

Inside John Henry Brookes Building

Maintenance work will take place at the main entrance by Reception between 8am and 1pm.

Scaffolding will be erected which may cause erratic noise.

Access will remain open at all times.

Painting will take place in classrooms on Level 1, building users should not be affected. 

A new set of doors will be installed at the bottom of the pooled  teaching stairwell, near the Deli on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March.

Building users will need to use an alternate stairwell to go between Ground floor and Level 1.

The climate management system within JHBB has had a number of settings changed. The management of temperature, window control and carbon dioxide levels will improve during the system’s commissioning.