Gipsy Lane works from 30 August 2013

Notice valid from: 30/08/2013 - 08/09/2013

Expected programme of works from Friday 30 August to Sunday 8 September

What's happening on site


  • Shop front windows and the first façade panels have been fitted to the Colonnade building
  • Paving on the piazza entrance will begin in the next few weeks
  • The granite floor of the Terrace is completed
  • Lighting is active in many areas of the Library and pooled teaching area
  • The lecture theatre and smaller lecture rooms are receiving final fittings
  • Specialist joinery (e.g. counter tops, room dividers) is being installed within the Library
  • The Colonnade's feature corten steel ribbon façade is expected to arrive on site in the near future
  • Scaffold removal throughout the building's interior is revealing the Forum's full scale


See recent images from the construction site at our Twitter image gallery

What you need to know



  • Pedestrian access from Headington Road is expected to change on Monday 2 September
  • Access to the International Centre, Tonge and Cheney School field will be maintained but provided by a new route
  • Access to the Media Centre will be provided by a dedicated path
  • Deliveries to the Print Room, International Centre and Tonge will need to be arranged in advance - please contact for further info
  • The temporary path at the rear of the International Centre and Tonge remains in use



Gibbs and John Payne


  • Work between John Payne and Gibbs will begin next week to prepare concrete for hand rail installation
  • This may cause minor disruption to building users from hand tools and will continue for two weeks
  • Ground work behind Gibbs will continue into September
  • This work may still cause some noise and vibration disruption to nearby building users
  • Please take care when using the pedestrian crossing in this area and listen carefully to instructions from construction staff



Buckley and Abercrombie


  • A mobile crane has been erected on the site of the piazza and will create background engine noise throughout the rest of the summer
  • When paving work begins in September, trimming of stone may cause some erratic disruption from hand tool use





  • The remainder of works in this area should be low impact on nearby building users as paving and landscaping is completed





  • The newly paved slope outside Tonge is now expected to open during the beginning of September



International Centre


  • Access to the International Centre from Headington Road will be via a new advertised route as detailed above
  • Concrete breaking and excavation will continue in the areas in front and to the side of the International Centre
  • This work is expected to cause disruption to building users into September and will be followed by paving works
  • The building entrance has been reduced to a single door but access will be maintained at all times, occasionally managed by construction staff



Media Centre


  • From Tuesday 3 September access to the Media Centre will be managed by construction staff during concrete breaking
  • This may cause minor delays to users wanting to exit or enter the building
  • The concrete breaking work will cause severe disruption to building users
  • This work is expected to take two days
  • The ramped staircase leading to the print room shutter doors will also be closed, and any print deliveries will need advance arrangement
  • Access from the Media Centre on to the International Centre or Tonge building will be via a new path as detailed above



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