Gipsy Lane works from 30 May 2014

Notice valid from: 30/05/2014 - 08/06/2014

Expected programme of works from 30 May to 08 June

Birch House demolition

  • A hoarding line has now been established around the Birch House demolition site
  • Access to Sinclair and Gibbs in unaffected at this time, though once demolition begins the exit from SG50&51 will be closed
  • The demolition programme will begin on Monday 23 June, commencing with the detachment of Birch House from the Sinclair building
  • This work is likely to cause significant noise and disruption to those in the immediate vicinity
  • Demolition is expected to continue through July for up to four weeks, with an increase in traffic to remove materials at the end of the month
  • Following demolition, ground breaking works will begin with drilling operations in early August
  • Making good operations will continue through into September, after which the Gibbs courtyard will be landscaped and pedestrianised
  • Access will be retained for deliveries
  • Dust-suppression will be in effect throughout the demolition
  • It is likely that users of Gibbs, Sinclair and JHBB will experience disruption from noise or vibration until ground breaking works have ceased
  • Traffic will increase in the area between Gibbs and Sinclair over the summer, and constructor management will be in force

 Gibbs and Sinclair buildings

  • Access to both buildings is unaffected by the site boundary
  • However, from Monday 23 June access to Sinclair building via the door which leads to SG50 and 51 will close
  • Demolition works will commence on Monday 23 June and continue through July
  • Dust-suppression will be in effect throughout the demolition, however it is likely that building users will experience some disruption from noise, vibration or increased traffic movements
  • Once demolition is complete, ground breaking work will begin in early August and is expected to last one week
  • Making good works will continue into September but are not expected to cause the same level of disruption as demolition or ground breaking 
  • Staff who wish to discuss the impact on their work by the demolition should contact their line manager or email 

    John Henry Brookes Building and elsewhere

  • Please note that the lawn in the central courtyard is still being protected while the newly laid grass beds in
  • The lawn is not yet ready for use and will be damaged if walked on

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