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  • Academic Framework

    Please note, this website was put in place to provide updates on the workstreams arising from the Academic Framework review. These have now been captured in the Regulations for Study.

    The Academic Framework Review is the result of a 2016 University-wide consultation of the University's academic programme structures, including exams, timetables, module selection, attainment, academic levels, transition and progression arrangements.

    The 14 proposals were designed to streamline and enhance our programme management, administration and delivery to ensure that the University could realise the ambitions outlined in the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience 2015-2020.

    After feedback from staff and students, six of the 14 amendments originally proposed have been taken forward into workstreams (named A-F). Workstreams B, C and F relate to the structure of undergraduate programmes and the process of module selection by continuing students for all programmes. These areas are now moving into their implementation phase.